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"Hi! You've reached 555-SLAY. Please leave a message!"


OOC: hiatus

Hey guys. I am going on a sort of hiatus, in that my student characters - Neville, Sabriel and Buffy - are gone from the school for the next couple of months, while Emma stays to teach and open Caritas.


OOC: Cheerleader poll

New group of students and new semester means new poll! There are two openings on the squad (unless I've miscounted), and there won't be another tryout until January.

Ask any questions you want in the comments!

Poll #1049480 cheerfall

Do you want to try out for the squad?


When would be a good time to hold tryouts?

some special time I shall tell you about in comments

Do you want to tryout for mascot position?

Yes, I'd look awesome as a Gremlin!
Hell no.
Tick tick BOOM


A huge thank you to all the cheerleaders and especially Aly and Deadpool and the Flag Football guys for making the Cheer Camp awesome! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. :D

A special thanks to Molly and Sheppard who helped me out with the posting and organizing, and to the girls who posted the cookie posts, and the guys who made cookies, and those who ate them, and... Okay, I'm stopping now.

Just. *hugs everyone* GO GREMLINS!

510, Tuesday morning

Buffy made her way into her room, dropped all her bags on the floor, and dived into her bed. She was going to sleep for days. Or at least for a couple of hours. She had a cheer camp to finish organizing after all. After the very exciting, but not all that much fun, vacation she'd had, coming back to Fandom and the cheerleaders seemed like more of a break.

She had a LOT to do during the next couple of days, but at least there weren't any vampires here. Stupid vampires.

ooc: open for roomie if she wants!


OOC: Cheer Camp!

This is just a friendly cheertatory reminder that cheer camp starts next Thursday! Hopefully fun times ahead. :)

I'll post the finished schedule this weekend on the cheer comm, I just need to hear back from some people first.

OOC: Cheerleaders!

Our new cheerleaders are Claire Bennet and John Sheppard! Big Gremlin Welcome to you both!

Check your invites and there should be one for the super extra special cheer comm!

Go Gremlins!

For the rest of you, there will be a Fall tryout, and possibly a Mascot tryout later in September!

Thursday evening, Sunnydale

Buffy texted her cheerleader votes to Alec, and spent an hour deciding on an outfit.

Phrases such as "Would you like the newest issue of Watchtower?" and "Hi I'm an enormous slut!" might have been used before she finally made up her mind. She waved bye to her mom, who looked pleased for some reason, and then she was off to the Bronze.

where Buffy has an encounterCollapse )

ooc: NFB, NFI, preplayed with the lovely missed_the_gate!


Monday afternoon in Sunnydale

"Buffy! Your... phone is playing music." Her mom had hunted her down in the living room and held out the little pink mobile phone towards her. It was playing 'Sexy Boy'.

Buffy brightened and put down her nail polish. "That's Alec! Gimme!" She held out her hand, making grasping motions.

"You can tell who's calling by the music?" Joyce asked, bemused, as she handed it over.

"Uh-huh." Buffy started waving her mother away, only replying when Joyce had shaken her head and gone back to the kitchen. "Alec! Hi! What's up? Please tell me you can talk for, like, three hours or something. You have no idea how bored I am."

Sunday Morning in Sunnydale

Buffy had to admit that so far Sunnydale had been kind of boring. Sure, she'd slayed more vampires than during her entire time in Fandom, but they hadn't been a challenge. They kept mistaking her for snackfood and letting her get right up close. She'd only been to three of the bazillion graveyards in Sunnydale so far though, and she had to jump out her window to get there.

She'd gotten out of practice to be sneaky.

Part of the reason for her boredom was that her mom kept wanting her to DO things. Mainly things like carrying crates into the gallery and sorting things and... Okay, going to the cinema once, but Buffy'd asked for the newest Barry Plodder and people had stared at her. Not fun at all.

She'd missed her mom, and it was great to see her again, but...

Buffy cuddled Mr Gordo and flopped on her bed. She missed her friends. She missed Bertie. She missed the common rooms. She missed the cheerleaders. And she really, really missed knowing people.

(establishy! NFB)